Wednesday, 16 January 2013


We had our first significant fall of snow this last weekend. We don't get very much here normally but the cold front from the north east clashed with a warm front from the Atlantic just above us and POW down it came! Makes the garden pretty though! Pity the washing line got in the way!

We heard last Thursday that a cousin of my husband died suddenly in Poland so we spent a good deal of Friday and Saturday finding suitable flights, car hire and hotels. The funeral was for Monday so it was a bit of panic stations here to get organised.
He arrived home here safely last night but totally exhausted!
We met up at my son's home as it was his birthday only to find that his train from Sheffield had been cancelled and would be an hour later than normal - 8pm ; we just can't cope here with a bit of snow!


  1. It can be like that here too. Anything more than a few inches and schools close, the roads are a mess and everyone acts like they've never seen snow. :) I'm one of them.

  2. Same here - this city has a problem with RAIN, much less a little snow. But yours is very pretty. Kat, I love your cards! You have a real talent for this and I will enjoy visiting your blog on a regular basis!


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