Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Successful Upload

'A Polish Heritage' is a booklet that I had published by My Canvas

I spent several hours over Sunday and Monday, whilst my husband was in Poland, uploading the pages to here. I must have done something wrong because today when I went to the page it had gone!!!!  Now I will have to start all over again. Not a happy bunny today!

The book follows my parents-in-law's extraordinary journey from Poland 1939 via the gulags of USSR to their final "home" in England in 1952. Hopefully I can get this up today.

 ...............................YAY! have uploaded it successfully.  Click button in the TABS bar above.


  1. Hello! Here from SN. When I click the link above, it just takes me to Ancestory (dot) com page with a "make a book" option button.

  2. Hi There, You need to click on 'A Polish Heritage' on the tabs bar above not on the links in the post.


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